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Lighting Systems

Light Your Way

We all curse those vicious glaring vehicle lights blinding us as they approach.  Secretly though many people in my age group (whose eyes aren’t what they use to be) desire better lighting on our vehicles.  By the way, those viciously blinding lights are likely illegal and/or poorly aimed. 

There are many options available to improve your vehicle’s lighting. Many are illegal.   Some will even damage your vehicle’s electrical system if not installed properly. 

It is always tempting to start with the latest and the greatest when it comes to upgrades.  You may be driving a new vehicle with Xenon HID lights as original equipment.  In this case there are likely no improvements available, other than installing more lights.  Extra fog lights and driving lights are always possible up grades.

First things  first. If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance, a little lighting system maintenance might be all that is needed.


Nu-Tech can take care of your lighting system.


At Nu-Tech we can evaluate your current lighting system, perform the required maintenance and or recommend some repairs and upgrades as desired.  

We can replace broken and cracked headlight units.  Scratched and yellowed plastic lenses can with a little elbow grease and some chemistry be turned into near new surfaces.  Next focus on bulbs.  Old bulbs are sometimes dis colored or blistered thus reducing light output.

If it is time for new bulbs there are a lot of options.  At Nu-Tech we stock some of the latest legal high performance headlight bulbs.  A professional headlight alignment is the final step in a maintenance program.  The best in lighting works best when it is pointing in the right direction.

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