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Suspension and Steering

The Best Defence? 

When it comes to automobile safety, talk and media spin centre around: airbags, seat belts, vehicle structure and size.  These are the safety components that determine a vehicle’s crash rating; be it five stars, four stars, etc.  I consider these components that protect you when you are in an accident as defensive safety features.  They are very user-friendly and over the life of a vehicle quite robust and maintenance-free.   When it comes to automobile safety, offensive components are as important as defensive components.  These are the systems that are used to keep the driver out of an accident.  It is these components that require a  lot more attention than most vehicle owners realize.


The principle offensive vehicle safety system on every owner’s mind is the brake system.  This is also the system that service centers can most easily sell repairs and maintenance on because “...everybody knows you need good brakes to stop!”   What the customer often doesn’t recognize is that brake performance is intimately linked to good steering and suspension system performance. These systems are comprised of many parts with names like: ball joint, tie rod end, shock absorber, bushing, sway bar link, tire, idler arm, steering box and steering rack. Their condition determines how well a vehicle reacts to braking and steering, and how well it manages to avoid an accident.  These parts start wearing out during the first mile that the vehicle is driven.  Their gradual deterioration is typically undetectable to the regular driver of the vehicle. 


Nu-Tech is your best offence


At Nu-Tech we are concerned about all your vehicle’s offensive safety systems.     As such,  when your vehicle is in for service it will be road tested and physically inspected by a professional technician.  All worn suspension and steering components will be listed for you and a comprehensive estimate provided at your request.  The safest vehicle is the one that can stop before or steer around an impending accident.  We have recently added  4 wheel alignment to our list of in house services.  This will allow us to tend to our customers’ alignment needs in a more timely manner.

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