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Engine Oil Specifics

What type of oil to choose?

Engine oil is your vehicle’s life blood.   Most people recognize that oil is a lubricant and that without it, your engine will not run for very long before it seizes.  Oil’s main purpose is to prevent metal parts from scraping against each other.  Oil also acts as a coolant by reducing the friction that causes heat, and by carrying heat away through contact (conductance).    


  Decisions regarding which oil  to use and when to change it, are in the hands of the owner and the maintenance provider.  Today, the decision regarding what oil to use is not as simple as it used to be.  The oil business is characterized by a significant amount of hype and a bewildering array of product choices.  There are fully synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, as well as products that: clean sludge, reduce wear - and the need to change oil as frequently. Choosing the wrong oil can drastically shorten the life of your vehicle’s engine.  The process by which oil degrades in an engine is not visible without some sort of disassembly.  Thus the owner may not be aware of the oil’s failure until it’s too late. 


Nu-Tech can take care of your engine oil needs.


Nu-Tech understands your vehicle’s engine oil needs and will  choose the correct oil for your vehicle.  That product will match your driving habits, and meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.  Our technicians will make sure that vehicles possessing oil life monitors (that can extend oil change intervals), will receive the specific types of oil their manufacturers require.  Finally, Nu-Tech can  also recommend synthetic products that enhance performance and protect your engine in extremely cold or high  operating temperatures. 


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