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Automatic Transmission

Will they replace the Manual?

The manual transmission is beginning to disappear.  More and more vehicles do not even offer an optional manual transmission.  Manufacturers are adopting a one size fits all philosophy by adding manual transmission style controls to  automatic transmissions.  While I think that this scenario improves auto trans performance, I still prefer to drive car with a manual transmission. 


Mechanically speaking, the automatic transmission is a lot more complex than its manual  counterpartToday’s  automatic transmission is a real showcase  of modern automotive  technology.  It is made up of: planetary gear sets, wet clutches and an electronically controlled hydraulic system.  In many cases, the computer that controls the automatic transmission will be the same one that manages the engine.   (When  two computers are involved, they are networked together.)


So when it comes time to solving a problem with how your automatic equipped vehicle is performing, the line between blaming the transmission or the engine (and their components or control systems) can be a fine one.  Many times it will take some serious detective work to determine where the problem resides.


As with any major component of an automobile, proper maintenance of your automatic transmission  will go a long way to preventing a trip to your mechanic for a major repair.  So how does one take care of an automatic transmission?  Consulting your owner’s manual is a great place to start.  Generally, each manual contains a section about operating  the transmission.  You might be thinking I am insulting your intelligence.  Can’t anyone operate an automatic ?  I bet when you read through this section, however,  you will get some great tips to prevent undue wear and tear.    An example might be shifting out of the overdrive position to prevent the transmission from moving  in and out of overdrive while climbing a slight grade.  Every shift is a little bit of extra wear and tear.  The fluid level checking procedure will also be detailed in the service manual.



Apart from using your automatic  transmission appropriately and checking your fluid levels regularly, having Nu-Tech service your transmission is a sure way to enhance it’s performance and life span.  At Nu-Tech, we will follow your vehicle manufacturer’s severe service operation maintenance recommendations.  This is because the mountainous West Kootenays  qualify as a “severe service” driving zone. In such a region, your manufacturer will recommend more frequent transmission service intervals of between 24,000 and 96,000 km.  A typical service will include the following:  


  • A road test to check for correct operation

  • An analysis of the power train control system diagnostics.

  • Making any required adjustments

  • Replacement  and/or cleaning of the transmission filter

  • Using the  Sun TransTech Fluid Flush Machine to replace the existing fluid with OEM      approved transmission fluid. 


The Sun TransTech System allows a complete change of transmission fluid.  This gives a much better result than only draining the transmission oil from the pan.  A typical automatic transmission has 10 litres of automatic transmission fluid and draining the pan will typically  change 5 litres or less.  At Nu-Tech we also recognize the importance of using the correct transmission fluid.  Recent transmission developments have spawned many different fluid specifications.  A transmission is much too complex  a device to risk using inappropriate fluid.  We use only genuine OEM (manufacturer’s own specification)  A/T  fluid when we service your vehicle.


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