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Winterizing for Cold Conditions

Beat Winter

What can you do to let your  car slide easily through winter?  Keep on reading.

  First things first. Ward off catastrophe.  The coolant in your engine must provide freezing protection to -35C.  No, it likely won’t get that cold here; but a margin of safety is nice.  A shopping trip to Calgary in a cold snap, might be all it takes to get down to that magic number.  If your trusty steed has been losing a little coolant here and there and you have been topping it off with only water, you could end up with a slushy in your radiator during the first cold snap.  Worse than that, would be solid ice and a crack in your engine block.  A 50/50 antifreeze/water cocktail is what your vehicle requires.

Next, ward off minor catastrophe.  Don’t forget about your windshield washer fluid.  If your tank is full of a summer blend your might need to remove it and refill with windshield washer antifreeze.  That will prevent the ravages ice will inflict on the container that holds (and the pump that sprays) that fluid where you need it.

While on the subject of windshields, how about a new set of wipers?  Don’t expect more than a year out of a set of wipers, especially if your windshield is old and pitted from several winter driving seasons.

A complete physical for your vehicle is probably more important pre-winter than any other time of year.  Reliability is paramount in the winter.  Being stranded when the mercury is well below zero can be a little daunting to say the least.

Nu-Tech can help you slide safely through winter

At Nu-Tech we can take care of all your vehicle’s winter needs.  Do you want that little extra edge?  Increase your fuel economy while taking some of the stress and strain off your trusty steed.

Quality synthetic lubricants in your engine and drive train components will typically increase fuel economy as well as reduce wear and tear.  Synthetics are designed to flow better at cold temperatures while still maintaining lubricating properties as they warm up.

Ask us to install synthetics at your next service and let your vehicle reap the benefits.

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