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Oil Filter Quality

Don't compromise on quality with oil filters. Period. 

Auto parts companies produce cut-rate parts for budget-conscious consumers.  As in most other markets, in the auto sector, you get what you pay for.  


While I understand the need for auto technicians and customers to make part selection decisions based on price in the interest of saving money, I would never compromise on the quality of the oil filters I provide my customers.


When you consider how important an oil filter is to the health of your engine, and how small the price difference is between a premium and a budget oil filter, it only makes sense to go with the premium.


Why are premium quality oil filters a great value?


They provide the best engine protection.  Every oil filter uses a pleated filter medium to remove harmful particles from the oil as it passes through.  Premium filters use synthetic media that are more efficient at removing particles than the pleated cellulose paper in budget filters.  There’s also a significantly more pleated surface area in top flight filters than their cheaper counterparts.   Better materials and more surface area found in premium filters mean cleaner engine oil - and a better-protected engine.


All oil filters incorporate some type of bypass system when the filter cannot allow enough oil through. At this point, the bypass opens and allows oil through without being filtered. Lower-quality filters have less filtering capacity. They won’t hold as much dirt without starting to restrict oil flow. Once the bypass opens because of restriction there is no monitoring system that tells the driver that the oil is no longer being filtered.


 Premium filters are much less likely to clog and bypass, assuring better engine protection. 


With today’s longer oil change intervals, your oil filter’s job is more important than ever.  More miles means more particles to collect.  High-quality filtration (and the proper oil) will ensure that your engine is getting maximum protection from one oil change to the next.   And finally, look to the professionals at Nu-Tech for advice on the best filters and optimal filter change intervals for your vehicle. 


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