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Maximizing Fuel Mileage

No Magic - Just Facts

The price of fuel is soaring.  I am sure the snake oil salesmen are gearing up for an onslaught featuring  the latest in fuel economy enhancements for your vehicle.  At least we will get a break from body enhancing devices.  A recent quick internet search yielded two devices capable of improving fuel economy by more than 30 %  for less than $50 including shipping and handling.  Not!

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a skeptic.  If a 30% improvement in fuel economy cost only $50 every vehicle manufacturer would be using it.    Such an improvement in fuel mileage requires large financial investments or compromises in your choice of vehicle - such as trading in your Dodge Ram pickup for a Toyota Yaris.    Compare the fuel economy ratings of the Honda Civic and the Honda Civic Hybrid.  There is about a 30% difference in favor of the hybrid.  That hybrid , however, has a list price of $9000.00 more than the regular Civic.

Increasing fuel mileage is all the rage in the automotive industry right now.  There are actually two reasons for this.  One, obviously, is the high price of fuel and new found consumer  demand for more economical vehicles.  The other is a U. S. government mandate that by 2020 a manufacturer’s vehicle sales fleet must average 6.8 litres fuel consumed  per 100 kilometers driven. The current requirement is 8.6 for cars and 11.5 for trucks.

 Reduced displacement turbocharged engines, direct fuel injection, cylinder deactivation, variable valve timing and hybrid drive are just some of the new technologies that will be used to meet these fuel economy goals.

One thing that might give you a very significant fuel economy boost would be some maintenance and repair at Nu-Tech Auto.


Maximize your fuel mileage at Nu-Tech


      Mechanically speaking, any time your vehicle is serviced at Nu-Tech it will likely go back on the road using less fuel than when it went in.  A good oil and filter change with a multipoint maintenance and inspection routine will very likely significantly improve your fuel economy.  How, you might say?  Read on.

One psi deficiency in tire air pressure for four tires is worth up to a 2% penalty in fuel economy.  Perfectly good tires can loose 3 psi per month.  Fresh oil will also increase fuel economy.  As oil ages and wears it loses slipperiness.  Using an “energy conserving” rated engine oil will increase mileage.  Even greater savings can be had by using the latest in synthetic oil technology.  We offer both options at Nu-Tech.

Even replacing a worn out battery can increase fuel mileage.  A battery in poor condition can require extra energy to stay charged.  The alternator will work harder to keep the battery charged.  The alternator is driven by the engine and the harder it works the bigger the load on the engine.  Not only will this effect fuel economy.  It will also wear out the alternator sooner.

Dragging brakes, poor wheel alignment the list goes on.  A Nu-Tech regular maintenance schedule will take care of all your vehicles needs and go along way towards keeping your fuel economy where is should be.

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