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Winter Tire Installation

Winter is coming. Is your vehicle ready?

First and foremost, a thorough mechanical inspection is a must for winter preparation.  The next area to address is the tires.  In our area of the planet, we believe four good winter tires are necessary.  No matter what type of vehicle you have, all benefit from using a real snow tire.  Many newer vehicles now have: antilock brake systems; traction control systems; stability control systems and all wheel drive systems.  All these systems do their scientific best to keep you safely on the road.  But no matter what, the limiting factor is the amount of traction each tire can provide.  


 Recent snow tire technology has produced tires that offer a very significant increase in traction in all winter conditions.  These tires are so superior for winter use and so different than  all season or summer tires, that  installing them in pairs will upset the handling and braking balance of the vehicle.  This is why we recommend installing four winter tires of the same brand. 


While a mechanical inspection and tires cover the basics,  the next few tips will give you that little extra edge on winter.  Put on a new set of winter wipers.  The new flat wipers have no open mechanism to get iced up, insuring they stay in contact with the windshield.  Switch to synthetic lubricants.  Synthetic engine oils and gear oils reduce friction.  At cold temperatures they are especially good at this.  You will notice the difference.  Your engine will turn over quickly and the oil will start lubricating a lot quicker than conventional motor oils.

Nu-Tech will help you Beat Winter


At Nu-Tech we now have the equipment to install your winter tires.  When you come in for service, we can save you a trip through the line up at the tire shops.  Just bring your tires with you.  Maybe you need a new set.  Give us a call and we can sell you the correct snow tires you need. We also have an extensive selection of synthetic lubricants designed for your vehicle.


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