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Who can fix your car?

So you're driving a new car now.  The old buggy is gone or relegated to a different duty.  Maybe winter beater duty?  Back to your new car.  Who is going to look after it for you? The dealer you bought it from is not your only option.  In fact you do not have to bring it to a dealer at all.  All your maintenance can be performed at the service centre of your choice. 

When something does break though and your vehicle is under it’s original factory warranty a dealer will have to get involved if you want the repair done for free.  Sometimes free is not free if the dealership is located out of town.  Your vehicle may require towing to the dealer but you will have to make your own way there to pick it up when it is ready.  In some cases then paying for your local service centre to fix your car is cheaper and/or more convenient than the road trip.  

 Once your original factory warranty is finished, even though you might have purchased an extended warranty from the dealer, any service provider can deal with your extended warranty and the repairs required.  Extended warranties are administered through third parties and they are happy to deal with any competent auto repair establishment.


Nu-Tech Care

At Nu-Tech Auto Repairs we can take care of your new car.  We take maintenance seriously.  A skilled technician will be performing the maintenance and repairs on your vehicle.  We will perform the required maintenance as outlined by the manufacturer.  We may also recommend further operations based on our own research.  We can develop an individual plan to meet yours and your vehicles needs. 

At Nu-Tech we are up to date. The latest in diagnostic equipment is in our arsenal.  We use the latest in service information.  We source the parts for your vehicle that are as good as or better than those available at the dealer.

At Nu-Tech we foster a long term relationship with our customers.  We want to keep your new vehicle in new vehicle condition.  When a new vehicle warranty issue comes up we can direct you on getting it repaired.  Our database will provide proof that all the required maintenance is up to date.  This same database provides extra value when the time comes to trade or sell your vehicle.  A complete service record is can be in your email or in your hands in a matter of minutes.

If your are looking for the best in service for your new or new to you vehicle try us out. All extended warranties are welcome.


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