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Lube, Oil & Filter 
General Maintenance Inspection

More than JUST an oil change. 

The backbone procedure of any maintenance program at Nu-Tech is our Lube Oil and Filter General Maintenance Inspection (LOFGMI). We put a lot of service and know how into it, because we realize that next to your house, your vehicle is likely your biggest investment.  We want to help you protect that investment and to make your driving experience trouble free.  In addition to an oil and filter change, our procedure features: a road test and a detailed mechanical inspection of your vehicle.  Every LOFGMI is performed by a BC licensed automotive technician. You can be certain that an experienced professional is inspecting and servicing your vehicle.


Step one of the LOFGMI involves the road test.  By driving your vehicle, the technician can determine a great deal about your vehicle’s overall mechanical condition and driving performance.  Step two involves placing your vehicle on the hoist, for a comprehensive mechanical inspection. Here, the technician will: 


  1. Inspect the vehicle’s lighting, safety and electrical accessories

  2. Test and inspect the battery.

  3. Inspect the cooling system’s components and fluid condition.

  4. Assess the steering, suspension, drive train, power train and exhaust systems.



Step three involves the oil change and fluid top up. The technician will: replace the engine oil and filter; check all fluid levels, top them up as required and lubricate the chassis including locks, hinges and latches. We always use premium filters, oil, and lubricants that meet or exceed your manufacturer’s specifications and therefore its warranty requirements. The benefits of our attention to detail are: longer engine and component life; and optimal vehicle performance in prevailing weather conditions. Finally, your service technician will, if necessary, note any serious issues that require prompt attention, or maintenance and repair items, which in our professional opinion, constitute good practice as preventative maintenance or top optimize performance.  


Driving conditions in the Kootenays are unusually severe. We at Nu-Tech feel that our comprehensive LOFGMI allows our staff to identify maintenance and repair issues earlier, before they become more significant and costly.  A LOFGMI at Nu-Tech is not your typical oil change and, as the backbone of your maintenance program, is an excellent value. 


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